Advice for First Time Live Poker Tourney Players

If you have only been playing home games or online, participating in a live Poker tournament for the first time will necessitate some adjustments on your part. If you plan to pursue a career playing live, then you need to know the areas where you will have to make the modifications.

The first thing that you will have to get used to is the number of players around you. There will hundreds or even thousands, depending on the tournament that you entered. All sorts of individuals, from the most highly skilled to the most undisciplined fish, will be there. There will of course, also be a lot of noise.

For those who are used to playing home games, the noise will take some getting used to, but those who are most used to playing online in solitude will have to make the bigger adjustments. Some players like to bring in earphones or plugs, and you can do this too, but make sure that you will still be aware of what is going around you on the table.

Make certain that you are familiar with the rules of the Poker tourney, be it with the over sized chips or the rate of the escalation of the blinds.

You should also not be intimidated when someone loses his cool, or starts talking trash. Bear in mind that Poker is an emotional game, and that it is inevitable that players will be subject to outbursts. Just focus on your game and forget about what the others are doing.

In line with this, it is also important that in Poker tourneys you should never pay attention to what is going on at the other tables once you begin play. It is only natural that you will be curious, but you can do that after you are finished with your game, not during.

When in a live Poker tourney, you should try to remain calm. Keep in mind that while there are a greater number of players around you, the ones you will be competing with will still be the usual ten or so. The rules of the game will also be the same.

The fact is that once you get past the crowd and are seated down, it will be just like any other Poker game that you are used to playing. Apply the strategies that you know works in these types of events, and by being collected, you will be able to find yourself winning more than a few tables.