Avoid Becoming the Poker Fish

A lot of the great moneymaking players earn their cash not just from winning in tournaments, but by preying on Poker fish. As a new player, it is imperative that you learn their traits, in order to avoid becoming like one.

The most conspicuous characteristic of a Poker fish is that of calling on every hand. The reason why they do this is that they always want to be part of the action, and they never want to be bluffed out. As a novice, this is something that you must steer clear of.

You have to understand that you do not have to call everything to be part of the action in Poker. The bottom line is that in cash games, your aim is to take the pot. How do you do it? Not by calling everything, but by knowing the value of your hands.

Knowing what you have, if it is a high hand or garbage, will help you make the decision on whether to call, raise or fold. By repeatedly calling, you will simply deplete your stack of chips very quickly.

Another habit of Poker fish is that of paying to see the flop no matter the cost. It is true that you can augment the strength of your hand on the board, but only if you have something decent to begin with. If you have nothing, then consider folding, especially if there were plenty of raises and re raises on the flop.

The danger with paying to see the flop is that you often end up chasing hands. If you pay a lot to see the flop and you miss the draw, you now reel compelled to see the turn as well because you have already committed a lot of money. If the turn brings you nothing, you will feel the same way about the river and pay to see it.

What this all means is that you should play with the proper hands and fold if you do not have them. Folding does not mean you are not part of the action. It means that you are not going to put your money where there is nothing to be made.

Second this will afford you the opportunity to observe the other players on the table and pick their habits. This is called player reading, and will be an invaluable tool that you can add to your Poker strategies.

Just because you are new to Poker does not mean you should be a fish. By studying their routines you can steer clear of it, and at the same time, take advantage when you play against them.