1. A Look on Various Kinds of Poker Featured at Flamingo Las Vegas
    Poker rooms are some of the sections of casinos that are usually visited by gamblers. The poker room of Flamingo Las Vegas in Nevada offers attractive variants of poker so players will surely enjoy playing their favorite kinds of poker in the casino.
  2. Advice for First Time Live Poker Tourney Players
    Playing in a live Poker tournament for the first time will be tremendously thrilling, but coupled with that is the feeling of being overwhelmed. However, by keeping a few things under consideration, any new player need not feel confounded by the situation and make his first live Poker tourney a truly memorable one.
  3. Avoid Becoming the Poker Fish
    They say that if you cannot see the fish on the Poker table, then it is you. If you are new to Poker, knowing the habits of the fish will help you avoid the distinction of being that player.
  4. Counting Your Odds in Texas Holdem
    Counting Texas Holdem odds are important to predict the future of players in the game. The substantial components of the poker variant should be learned to accurately calculate players' chances. Poker odds calculators also help Texas Holdem gamblers easily assess their probabilities.
  5. How to Improve Your Post Flop Strategy in Poker
    Making hand decisions on post flop is always called by different situations hence a good post flop strategy must be undertaken in order to successfully make the right poker hand decisions.
  6. Improve Your Knowledge and Skills in Poker Through These Outstanding Books
    For people who want to improve their knowledge and skills in the game of poker, they can use outstanding and interesting books. Among the most effective books available today are 'Cooke's Rules of Real Poker,' 'The Greatest Book of Poker for Winners,' and 'Winning Secrets of Poker.' Each of these books can surely help interested poker players to boost everything they know about this very popular casino table game, starting from the basic down to its most complex aspects.
  7. Learning the Language of Texas Holdem
    The immense and widespread appeal of Texas Holdem spans across the Internet and live casino and is usually the game that newcomers to Poker prefer to learn to play. If you have any interest the game, getting acquainted with the terms used in Texas Holdem games will be helpful.
  8. Pointers of Becoming a Good Poker Player
    There are some basic pointers that can help poker players improve their ability to become good and smart poker players other than improving their poker strategy and skills.
  9. The Involvement of Captain Tom Franklin in the Poker World
    Captain Tom Franklin is a WSOP bracelet holder. Aside from that, he has already had numerous contributions to the poker industry. And aside from poker, he is also into playing golf, singing, and playing drums.
  10. Who Doesn't Know Doyle Brunson?
    If there are successful professional poker players, Doyle Brunson is not one of them because Doyle Brunson is one of the very, very successful professional poker players. He once wanted to become a professional basketball player, but a knee injury seemed like a blessing in disguise. It gave him the opportunity to eventually become an excellent professional poker player.
  11. World Poker Tour Season 6: Results of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals 2007
    Held at the beautiful Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, the Foxwoods World Poker Finals is one of the regular features of the World Poker Tour. This prestigious poker tournament brings in excellent poker competition and rich poker talent almost every year. In 2007, Mike Vela became world poker champion after defeating Nick Schulman in a classic face off in the final round.
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