World Poker Tour Season 6: Results of the Foxwoods World Poker Finals 2007

Held at the fascinatingly beautiful Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, the World Poker Finals 2007 provided another excellent poker spectacle for the sixth season of the World Poker Tour. When the event was over, it was pretty clear to the whole wide world that Foxwoods is not only known for its traditional table games like roulettes, craps, and blackjack, but for being one of the generous hosts and sponsors of prestigious WPT poker tournaments. From November 7 to 13, 2007, the event came to a glorious conclusion after seven days of competitive poker action.

Owning one of the most comprehensive formats among other poker tournaments, the Foxwoods World Poker Finals 2007 promises to screen the best of the best players of the game. With one of the toughest format ever designed in the game, only the toughest and most skilled poker players are expected to survive in this world-class competition. From the early parts of the competition, the winners are very hard to predict due to the abundance of talents present at the occasion.

To ensure the high quality and level of competition, the Foxwoods World Poker Finals 2007 implemented tough measures and requirements from the eager participants. First off, the players need to be at least 21 years old to qualify for the poker tournament. Secondly, they are required to activate a Foxwoods Wampum Rewards Card. To maintain the integrity as well as the quality of games at hand, these standards were pre-set and should apply to all the interested parties.

Just as anticipated, the Foxwoods World Poker Finals 2007 has lived up to its reputation as one of the premier poker tournaments running under the prestigious World Poker Tour brand. Aside from the rich poker talents that it features, it runs extensively to highlight both the legends as well as the upcoming stars of the game. So far, this installment of Foxwoods poker tournament is one of the most exciting and thrilling in terms of its impact to viewers and spectators worldwide.

With the final table date scheduled for November 13, 2007, six brave and highly qualified participants were able to make it out of the 575 competitive entrants. Equipped with the right strategies and highly effective techniques, these superstars emerged on top of the playing field after the elimination round. Nenad Medic, Mark Weitzman, and Nick Schulman were among the top finishers from the early rounds. Meanwhile, Mike Vela, Tom Dwan, and Michael White were adamant to prove themselves to the entire poker world.

The final table match for the Foxwoods World Poker Finals 2007 was fast. The very first player to get booted out of the tournament was Weitzman, who had some crucial errors in the early parts of the match. Next to be axed were White, Dwan, and Medic, leaving Schulman and Vela for the title shot. With only one player destined to win the contest, Vela demonstrated techniques and strategies that are far more superior to Schulman to snatch the title as well as the pot. In the end, Vela was able to take home a grand total of $1,704,986.